About Inline Fitness

We started Inline Fitness and Clothing because of our passion for living a healthy lifestyle. In the world we live in today so many people are going to define "healthy" a little bit differently but overall we just want to make sure we are setting up our bodies and minds for success.

We do our best to live a healthy, active and fit lifestyle which means we enjoy both burning calories and eating calories! We don't always eat "clean" but we do try and eat healthy by eating better. Unfortunately, we all have our moments of weakness and might want to crush some ice cream, go crazy for donuts or smash a double burger but if you track your macros, etc. you can still indulge and hit your personal fitness goals!

Our clothing line tries to reflect our passion for burning calories and eating calories and we do our best to show people it's totally okay to eat a "unhealthy snack" every once in a while as long as your fitness program enables you to burn the calories needed.